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Tyres & Wheels
Tyres are a critical part of the motoring equation with vehicle control, performance and safety all relying on correct tyre choice. Here at Tyres Perth we understand the importance...

Specialise & Services
Your vehicles wheels can make up to 25% of the total visual area of a car. There are a lot of car drivers seeking to have their vehicle stand out from the crowd by adding a new set of alloy wheels to their pride and joy.

Carbon Neutral
We at Tyres Perth are concerned about global warming and the environment. You too can be GREEN just by using Tyres Perth for your tyre and wheel requirements.

Tyres Perth for Tyres in Perth

The Services of Tyres & Wheels since 1976

We at Tyres Perth are very proud to say that we have been fitting cars with tyres in Perth since 1976. The people of Perth trust us for expert advice with New Tyres, Alloy Mag Wheels, Wheel balancing, Wheel alignments and Puncture Repairs.

We offer a comprehensive selection of high quality tyre and wheel products to suit everyone from the serious off roader to the performance car enthusiast.

Tyres Perth is well known in for providing a competitive range of wheels and tyres, our knowledge and skill has been built over 30 years in the industry, we value the position we have attained, and our customers provide us with the satisfaction of knowing that we are the leaders in the Perth tyres and wheels field.

Our Location


348 Scarborough Beach Road (corner of Scarborough Beach Road and Frobisher Street)

202 Campbell Street (corner of Campbell Street and Abernethy Road)

Corner of Stirling Road and St Quentin Avenue

Tel: 08 9444 2233 Tel: 08 9277 5418 Tel: 08 9286 2299